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GAP Bike Shuttle

25 Miles all Downhill on The Great Allegheny Passage

Quick Details

GAP Rental

Ride in Style: Track and Yaks Present the Ultimate 25-Mile All Downhill Adventure on the Great Allegheny Passage

We will meet you at the shuttle stop in Cumberland MD and load your bikes or supply a rental if chosen. Our shuttle stop is at 13 Canal Street Cumberland MD 21532 on the right hand side of building near the C&O Visitor Center. You will see a bike rack with a Tracks and Yaks sign.

Once loaded up hop aboard the shuttle bus and we will transport you and your bikes to Deal, PA.
( approximately 1/2 hour ride). At Deal we will unload your bikes and get you started down the trail. Within moments you will reach the Eastern Continental Divide, which means its all downhill from there! You will see some of the most beautiful views and landmarks along your route back to Cumberland.
– Eastern Continental Divide
– Big Savage Tunnel
– Big Savage Vista
– Mason Dixon LIne
– Borden Tunnel
– Climb the Switchback up to Frostburg ( Uphill, but so worth the climb!)
– Mount Savage Overlooks
– Brush Tunnel
– The Narrows