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Brunch and Bike

Quick Details

Tandem Rail Bike Seats 2 people ( all booking is by the bike not amount of people)
Quad Rail Bike Seats 4 people ( All booking is by the bike, not the amount of people)

Enjoy brunch aboard a train then railbike 15 miles downhill!

In collaboration with the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and their Allegheny Express train, our Bike and Brunch Excursion is sure to brings smiles for miles!

Check in outside the Western Maryland Train Station at Canal Place in Cumberland MD at 12:30. We will be located in the cul de sac on the right hand side with a shuttle bus. After check in, board the train and get cozy for the trip up the mountain. Brunch or Lunch is available for purchase to enjoy on the trip up to Frostburg. (brunch cost and gratuity is not included in ticket cost)

Once the train arrives in Frostburg, please enter the Frostburg Depot. You’ll have a few minutes to use restroom, put on additional clothes, etc and we will then board up on the railbikes and depart.

The railbike portion of the trip is 15 miles mostly downhill and lasts 90 – 120 minutes.

We’ll arrive back at the Canal Place station where your vehicle is parked around 4:00 pm.